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How to save money using coupons and promo codes

In this day and age, we want to save money, but at the same time get quality food, clothes and other necessary things, basic for living a happy and healthy lifestyle. Using coupons and promo codes became a big thing with everyone, they are being used by people with low income and who hardly can buy what they need and by wealthy people who simply wish to save more money and use their free time to find coupons and promo codes. So, how exactly do you save money and get amazing deals at Macys and blair.com?

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With everything that you need having a higher prize and constantly rising, you will probably find yourself needing to cut down on some things you used to buy. That is where couponing comes as a choice. Did you know that a simple average family from America spends between $500 to $1.100 every month for products for cleaning, food and care of their pets, groceries, personal items, clothes and shoes and things meant for entertainment? And did you know that you can get all of this while paying less than usual? Read about couponing below.

There are many stages of couponing, but I will tell you about an extreme couponer. No, do not worry, it is nothing serious and you should have not feel embarrassed if you fit into this category and save up to 90% when going shopping. But for everyone who is interested in couponing, but are not sure what benefits this will bring them, I will explain it all to you.

The most important thing of course, is getting the most coupons as possible, try to find as many as you can from the same source, so you can save on that one item. You can find coupons in newspapers, in the grocery stores, at the manufacturers who will usually send you free coupons just for saying how much you liked their products or at your neighbors, parents and friends house. They usually get the newspaper or a magazine and just check it out and later throw it away, missing an amazing opportunity to save big money next time they go to the mall. The best way is of course the internet. Many years ago when the couponing started, we did not have the access to the internet and when we did, it was not a place to get coupons, but to search for fun or education. Now, there are hundreds of websites dedicated to finding coupons that you can print and use later.

If you canít find the coupons or promo codes for your favorite items, check out their website as they usually offer printable coupons and special promo codes when shopping on the internet. If you are more into beauty and fashion department, a lot of YouTubers and bloggers have amazon promo codes that save you a few bucks when purchasing a special set of earrings, a makeup brush or a new dress that you want so badly. All you need is a little bit of searching and do not limit yourself to just one source. If you really want to save money, you will hoard your home with newspaper and magazines that will give you coupons and promo codes; just make sure you recycle it later and save a tree or two.

Look at for special sales, because if you can get a few coupons for the selected cheaper items, you can actually walk away with them for free. Yes, with extreme couponing you can get sometimes everything for free. Be aware of your local shops sales and follow the dates until when you will be able to use your coupons. Another important thing is to learn about the stores coupon policies, if you know how they let you use them and how much you can save with them, it will be easier for you to know which stores are better than other.

When in a store, compare the prices of different items and products. Do not settle for the first one, when you know for sure you can get it for a more affordable price somewhere else or if you chose another item and product. Think a lot about what you want to save your money on and do not just buy everything that you see, for the sake of saving money. Buy the necessary and something that you will use often and well, plus that it will be worth of your money and time you put into finding great deals and coupons. That is why it is so important to shop with a complete list of things that you want and need. That way you are sure you will not spend more money than you wanted and will be able to check off the list everything that you purchase.

Final word and advice I can give about couponing??

With extreme couponing and the usage of promo codes you can save a lot of money for purchasing things on Amazon or coupons for Kohls, and you are able to quit that second job that you need to be able to pay the bills, you can pay off a debt or simply use it for something that will benefit you, your family and your environment. But most importantly, you are able to help people who need help around you; for example if someone lost their job, you can give them milk and bread that you got for free or if someone is struggling but cannot afford simple basics for living, you can give a helping hand and purchase something for them and perhaps show them how extreme couponing works, so they can benefit from it too and continue teaching someone else.

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